Why Are My Eyebrows Like That


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My eyebrows might look bad to some people because at the young age of 21, the beauty trend happened but my father has really thick, unruly eyebrows, well I’ve never met him but I really think he does and I am experimental as a person or at least thats what my former employer told me once but i get inspiration from pinecones sometimes so i guess i have been just really busy lately and not focusing on the eyebrows, leaving them displayed prominently above my eyes, others might understand they’re a physical manifestation of my deep-seated passion for birds, but not all birds, mostly the ones that have prettier crows like Silver Appenzeller Spitzhaubens because the mockingbird that visits my house at night honestly keeps me awake sometimes and i have to work in the mornings and my therapist mentioned that uncontrollably eating denim jackets isn’t a valid coping mechanism


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