Frizzles are your classic curly chicken.
Although frizzles aren’t actually a chicken breed themselves, they are a feather type most commonly found in the following breeds:
Japanese bantams, so like Silkies (these are called Sizzles)

Its caused by an incomplete dominant gene. So the feathers themselves grow in a twist shape.

If your bird is a frizzle, you will notice it at around two days old. The strength of curl varies per chicken.

So frazzles are when two frizzles breed. Frazzles are bad. They are born just physically messed up. Their feathers are just super brittle (think like they can break when you touch them). It more often than not leaves them looking bald and naked. Dont let two frizzles breed. Frazzles are more likely to get heart problems and other physical problems, like sunburns.

Since a few different breeds can be frizzle chickens, their temperament kind of varies.

They are a bit high maintenance as they need to be groomed and and often cant see due to their feathers. So just like Silkies, you might consider trimming around the eyes.