Exotic Chickens List

Fun Exotic Breeds

My favorite chicken breeds you can easily own!


They’re your classic fuzzy chicken. Known for their kind hearted nature, these guys are super good family pets and tend to be really really nice, even the roosters (except for a couple outliers). I have been absolutely mauled by exactly one Silkie. They’re so sweet and fluffy and basically lap chickens that dont really act like chickens. Because of this, they can often times get picked on by other breeds of chickens.They come in a lot of cute colors: black, white, partridge, lavendar, splash & more.


Polish Chickens

These guys come in brilliant colors and lacing. You’ve got your golden laced, silver laced, other kinds of laced or just this one who looks like an oreo, black crested white, tolbunt and more.

I like these guys a lot cause they’re friendly enough and they’re just a very curious breed and theyre always getting into shit.


Mottled Houdans

At a glance, they kind of look like Polish chickens, but they have a different number of toes and they are always bearded.


Frizzles are the curly chickens. But keep in mind that these come in a variety of breeds. Frizzle describes the feather type on a chicken rather than the chicken breed itself. I have a frizzled Cochin, a Sizzle which is a Silklie frizzle, then Serama frizzles.


These are your tiny chickens and I am mad obsessed with collecting these. They are the size of One handful and have a weird upright “V” posture with their wings almost touching the ground. Because they are so absolutely tiny, they are kinda hard to hatch, but when they do they sure are cute. They lay miniscule and embarrassingly tiny eggs. Lots of people keep these as house pets.


Perfect if you want a breed that is terrified of human contact at all times. They;re flighty. These are the ones that grow little polka dots or heart patterns in their feathers. I’ve had them in both gold and silver and they have an absolutely beautiful crow. It sounds like a song.


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