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backyard chickens full grown serama hen orange

Full grown Serama hen, standing at 6 inches tall

Adult Serama rooster 

backyard chickens full grown serama rooster orange tiniest chicken in the world smallest

About Serama Chickens

About the breed & tips for keeping tiny chickens as pets

Seramas make for pretty wonderful pets! They are very nice, theyre a bit unusual and the hens lay you breakfast.  Not a big breakfast, but still a breakfast.

Seramas are an ornamental breed. But let’s be clear, folks. Serama chickens aren’t just fancy lawn ornaments. They exist cause they are compact. They’re actual chickens with all the quirks and demands that come with being, well, poultry.

I own them because they are friendly and cute as hell, but if you’re looking for a solid meal or something then I do not recommend getting one. Mine are just here to be my little friends. 

So they stand all weird. That’s their thing! They have an upright V posture and they are super ripped. Their wings should almost touch the ground. They’re only 6 to ten inches tall and come in many colors. We dont even know how many colors. Just, many. And their heads are tiny. Hens have gobbly bits but they are smaller than the boy gobbly bits.

The small size of Seramas is just a result of debatably too much selective breeding over many generations. They went through miniaturization. Through careful selection and breeding, breeders were able to establish and stabilize the small size characteristic in Seramas. The goal was to create a breed that exhibited compactness and elegance.

Theyre expensive little guys. Prices change based on season and location and quality but yeah compared to like most chickens they are expensive.

In their yard space, I keep wood shavings in their coops and sand in their run. But a perk of these chickens is that theyre just generally not as noisy as other breeds! Some people choose to keep their pet seramas inside full time. I keep mine outside, but if it is storming out or below 40 degrees, then they do have to go in the garage or house.

In the end, Serama chickens are a perfect example of how humans have used their powers of selective breeding for the sake of being fuckin silly. We took a perfectly normal chicken and turned it into a fashion statement, a bird that demands respect despite being able to fit in your pocket. And maybe, just maybe, that’s what makes them so endearing. In a world full of chaos, sometimes all you need is a tiny, feathery diva strutting around, reminding you to take life a little less seriously.

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